A talented team of professionals in the fleet make up our company.


General Director

Director of Finance

Director of Economic Security

Head of Operations

Head of Mechanization Services

Head of Railway Services

Deputy director of economics and finance

Employee Ethics

In accordance with clause 6 of Article 15 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Special Assessment of Working Conditions" No. 426 dated December 28, 2013, "Port Vysotsky" publishes summary data on the results of a special assessment of working conditions in terms of establishing classes (subclasses) of conditions labor at workplaces and a list of measures to improve the working conditions and labor protection of workers, at whose workplaces a special assessment of working conditions was carried out.

Our Staff

It would be impossible to imagine a well-coordinated, safe and efficient port operating without amazingly trained talent. Our employees are professionals that are trained in all the unique technologies and possessing all the skills to be able to work with such complex equipment. It is thanks to our incredible teams and the optimisation of the production cycles that allows the growth of the port and the growth of the cargo handling taking place. We believe in our team and desire them to grow in the best of ways, whilst trusting them with even the most difficult tasks.