We make every effort to reduce the negative impact on the environment because we are keen on preserving our surroundings for the world and future generations.

To reduce the harmful impact on the atmospheric air, the following measures have been implemented:

  • The tank truck for irrigation of the territory;
  • Mobile conveyors with dustproof covers;
  • Coal transfer technology, contributing to the reduction of dusting.

The company carries out the following activities to reduce environmental impact:

  • The constant monitoring of the state of atmospheric air and water bodies;
  • Treatment of discharged wastewater at treatment facilities. There are two types of water treatment - WWTP (domestic and industrial wastewater) and VOC (surface wastewater).
Furthermore, per the Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation No. 143 dated 21.11.2011, the company established a sanitary protection zone with the following distances:
  • In the north-east direction - 200 meters from the boundaries of the industrial site of the enterprise;
  • In the north-north-east direction - 240 meters from the border of the industrial site of the enterprise;
  • In other directions - 500 meters from the border of the industrial site of the enterprise.


Our grain terminal will open in 2022 and will be the first terminal for the transshipment of grains in the Leningrad Region and the Baltic. "Port Vysotsky" implemented the project as per the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On national goals and strategic development objectives of the RF before 2024".

Why is our terminal unique?

The uniqueness of our terminal will be in the absence of chain conveyors and elevators, which provide higher stability of work, cargo safety, and performance.

Key characteristics

The planned volume of grains transshipment is 4 million tons per year.

The capacity of the scheduled silos is 240 thousand tons per year.

The railroad productivity will be around 220 wagons per day.

Moreover, two specialized loading machines will have productivity of 1200 tons each. The company designed the terminal such that all types of grains can be received and loaded.

Elements of infrastructure

  • The depth of the port water area - 12.7 meters;
  • Number of berths - 2;
  • The mooring front length - 550 meters;
  • Conveyor capacity - 1200 tons per hour;
  • Ship loaders - 2 with a capacity of 1200 tons per hour;
  • Storage silos - 15;
  • Samplers - 4;
  • Receiving devices from railway wagons - 4;
  • Acceptance of full-fledged routes of 68 wagons.


  • Engineering - HEMC GmbH;
  • Design - "Zernoproekt";
  • Samplers - Camelion / Varan;
  • Transport equipment - AGI / Hi Roller;
  • Aspiration system - Simatek;
  • Silos - AGI / Frame;
  • Hopper scales - Precia Molen;
  • Ship loaders - Neuero;
  • Process control system - ICCE.