Vysotsky Port

International stevedoring company


We offer a range of stevedoring services and can provide personalized assistance at the client's request.

Our advantages


Optimised logistics of the cargo supplied, execution of all railroad operations, and fast vessel loading.


Our unique geographical position allows us to operate with an unlimited amount of Russian suppliers and European customers.


Quick settlements with suppliers and contractors, and we provide complete documentation for cargo support services.


Distinctive technologies and mechanisms that allow for simultaneous operations without equipment downtime.

Internal communications

Electronic document management and progressive methods of communications eliminate duplication throughout operations.

Research & Development

With years of expertise, constant research and development about our sector provide us a vast advantage in our business strategies.


We make every effort to reduce the negative impact on the environment because we are keen on preserving our surroundings for the world and future generations.

Surrounding environment

Monitoring the impact on the surrounding environment is crucial for us.

Atmospheric air

Our energy-efficient technology is vital in reducing harm to the atmospheric air.


We are evolving our business into eco-friendlier cargo.

Sanitary protection

Sanitary protection zones are carefully measured and a must for our company.